Cat Box Carnage
Season 1, Episode 2
Air date September 21st, 2011
Written by Greg Grabianski
Directed by Mike Nassar & John Martinez
Animator(s) Mike Nassar
John Martinez
Will Cuna
Joanna Ramos
Clean-Up Arlyne Ramirez
Richard Smitheman
Voices Mike Nassar, Arlyne Ramirez & John Martinez
Editor Tony Christophersen
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Sun of a Bitch
Cat Box Carnage is the 2nd episode of Goodbye Kitty.


Black Cat is unsatisfied of his dirty litter box. While on White Kitty's Japanese-themed litter box, two robotic hands sprays perfume on him and buries his litter. The girl comes in with her pet dog, taps White Kitty and says "Aww...Your the bestest kitty ever." At Black Cat's litter box, Black Cat is angry and jealous at the White Kitty. At Chateau Loco Insane Asylum, lights are seen and sirens are heard as Black Cat struggles to pull a fat guy wearing glasses of the window. He handshakes the guy. Black Cat and The fat guy (holding an axe), saw White Kitty laying on a pillow. Black Cat points at White Kitty. The fat guy's glasses falls off the ground and had a blurred vision. Black Cat says "Goodbye Kitty". Due to the fat guy's blurred vison, he mistaken Black Cat for White Kitty, chops Black Cat in half with an axe, and mistooks Black Cat's intestines for his glasses and walks away. In the girl's living room, White Kitty is seen sitting on their couch and Black Cat holding a bag of Heroin (One of the deadly speedball drugs). Black cat beats up White Kitty and injected heroin on him. Again, he says "Goodbye Kitty". The White Kitty lays down, and walks dizzily out of the house. The Black Cat relaxes and watches TV. He changes channels until he saw an announcer saying "...and now America's newest, richest rockstar, White Kitty!" and White Kitty is seen playing his guitar in his concert. The Black Cat is surprised to see him there. He thought that if he puts more herion on him, he will become more popular. So he injects 6 heroin shots, he plays a gutair, but the screen becomes colourful and trippy, until he fell dead to the floor and threw up. Now he is with a voodoo doll, it just looked like White Kitty, he pokes him in the leg. And then he is going to strike him in the heart for death, but the Brown Puppy bit him. He chased him until the voodoo doll turned black and looked like Black Cat. The Dog fooled around with it and ripping the doll, and it killed Black Cat. Now we go to White Kitty's litter box, he digs a hole with a tombstone, Black Cat was just about to shoot him, but the robotic hand grabbed him and buried him, the girl comes and saw White Kitty's litter box. The episode ends.