Goodbye Kitty is a tra-digital animated series by W!LDBRAIN, Six Point Harness, ToonHole & Mondo Mini Shows. The show focuses on a black cat planning to murder his housemate, a white cute kitten so that everything can go back to normal for him. This show can be easily related to the TV series 'Tom and Jerry', although Goodbye Kitty is more violent.


  • White Kitty - First seen in Pilot and is always targeted by Black Cat but has a high string of luck.
  • Black Cat - An older feline and has been part of the family for years, but when kitty comes home he's not as popular. He targets kitty through violence (e.g Shoting, Harmless Objects (like HTF) but is also always getting killed back by his own plan.
  • The dog - Is a Possible pug or bulldog, in pilot he was shot in the head in Carnage Kitty, in the next episode, he even with him (without even knowing it),he ripped apart a voodoo doll meant for White Kitty but change to Black Cat when black paint is spilled over the doll causing black cat to be ripped in to pieces.
  • The Girl - Owner of White Kitty, Black Cat and The Dog. She is seen in all the episodes. She loves White Kitty more than Black Cat.


  • Created by: Todd Goldman
  • Written by: Greg Grabianski
  • Directed by: Mike Nassar & John Martinez
  • Producers: Billy Blu Campisciano & Todd Goldman
  • Executive Producers: Brendan Burch, Andy Fiedler, John Evershed & Aaron Simpson
  • Digital Compositor: Zdravomir Staykov
  • Storyboards by Mike Nassar and John Martinez
  • Animation Lead: Mike Nassar & John Martinez
  • Animators: Marius Alecse, Brock Gallagher, John Dusenberry, Dan Forgione, Frank Macchia, Dave Logan, Adam Scarpitta, Lynn Wang, Emiko Sawanobori Steven Theis, Kelly Turnbull
  • Voices: Mike Nassar, John Martinez, Arlyne Ramirez, Chad Quandt, Kelly Turnbull, Brock Gallagher, Eva Zhou, Chris Martin, Lindsey Lydecker
  • Music by Guy Moon, Nick Keller & Jeff Jung