Killing Time
Season 1, Episode 7
Air date October 26th, 2011
Written by Greg Grabianski
Directed by Mike Nassar & John Martinez
Animator(s) Mike Nassar
John Martinez
Will Cuna
Joanna Ramos
Clean-Up Arlyne Ramirez
Richard Smitheman
Voices Mike Nassar, Arlyne Ramirez & John Martinez
Editor Tony Christophersen
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Cripple Catastrophe
Chore Gore
Killing Time is the 7th episode of Goodbye Kitty.


It all starts with White Kitty holding a fake gun and shooting Brown Puppy. Brown Puppy plays dead, then Little Girl then compliments White Kitty for the kitten's actions. Then Black Cat looks directly at Little Girl, White Kitty, and Brown Puppy, then he gets angry. Then Black Cat creates a time machine, thanks to a book titled "Time Machines for Idiots". Black cat and White Kitty are then near a box called "Time Machine". Black Cat then pulls out a telephone with an antenna, and Black Cat then teleports them back to 1772. Black Cat then says, "Goodbye Kitty!" and pokes White Kitty off the ship. However, White Kitty does not drown, and three adults put up signs that say "10", with the man on the right's sign number is smaller then the 10's on the other signs. There is also another adult next to the man with a black shirt. Black Cat then gets mad, and the man next to the man with a black shirt almost puts a medal on White Kitty, but Black Cat stops the man. Then Black Cat dives into the sea, a seagull goes right through Black Cat's head, Black Cat goes into a cannon, goes through the ship's sail, over the adults, over pieces of wood, over a few sharks (one of them is holding a gun) and an octopus holding a gun, and onto a small island, with four turtles surrounding Black Cat. Two of the adults who complimented White Kitty are holding signs that say "1", while the man next to those adults is holding a sign that says "-4", and White Kitty is holding a sign with a frown emoji. Then Black Cat and White Kitty are teleported to 1963. Black Cat then says, "Goodbye, President Kitty!" after being pointed at a gun owned by Simon Cowell. Then, Black Cat is shot in the head. Simon Cowell walks away, and White Kitty then wipes the blood off himself. Then the famous ship Titanic is sailing by, and a man with blonde hair is holding a woman with brown hair, but gets replaced with White Kitty. Black Cat then appears with a light green coat, then Black cat says, "Goodbye Kitty!" as a penguin walks by and pecks him. Black Cat slips over a banana peel, a few cans, and spilled oil, then a polar bear smoking a cigarette punches Black Cat, causing him to slip, then the same penguin kicks Black Cat, causing him to fall and wrap around a ledge on the ice cliff, and in the process, blood gets onto the penguin's head, and the Titanic backs up. Black Cat then teleports himself and White Kitty back to the Mesozoic Era, most likely the Cretaceous period.