Masquerade Massacre
Season 1, Episode 5
Air date October 12th, 2011
Written by Greg Grabianski
Directed by Mike Nassar & John Martinez
Animator(s) Mike Nassar
John Martinez
Will Cuna
Joanna Ramos
Clean-Up Arlyne Ramirez
Richard Smitheman
Voices Mike Nassar, Arlyne Ramirez & John Martinez
Editor Tony Christophersen
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Cripple Catastrophe
Masquerade Massacre is the 5th episode of Goodbye Kitty.


The episode begins with the Little Girl and White Kitty , who is dressed as a princess, they were going to a costume party, the Black Cat justs weres a paper bag over his head, he gets mad.

An ant was walking happily when Black Cat lights him on fire with a magnifying glass, he puts the light on Kitty's forehead, but got stop by th ant's brothers and sisters, and they devored his living form until he was dead.

Now we go to Black Cat and Kitty going to the Best Bet Vet, the cat was in a burka, crying, and tells the women at the front desk that White Kitty needs to be put down, the vet will be right in, but the burka rips and the vet is in! Finds Black Cast, sticks the needle in his eye and gets devored to an old man like form, Kitty comes out of the burka.

Now Cat is forcing Kitty to wear a gang costume and hold a gun, a gang of assiasins droved down the street where people vandilized, Cat morphed his fingers like (R I P, and Goodbye Kitty) the assiasins find Kitty, and opened fire, but Black Cat gets killed by mutilple gunshot wounds, the Girl gets of a bus and said that Kitty found a better coustme, he then looks like a gangster and smiled at the viewers than winking. The episode ends.