Season 1, Episode 1
Air date September 15th, 2011
Written by Greg Grabianski
Directed by Mike Nassar & John Martinez
Animator(s) Mike Nassar
John Martinez
Will Cuna
Joanna Ramos
Clean-Up Arlyne Ramirez
Richard Smitheman
Voices Mike Nassar, Arlyne Ramirez & John Martinez
Editor Tony Christophersen
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Cat Box Carnage
Pilot is the 1st episode of Goodbye Kitty.


This is the Pilot of the mondo show, Goodbye Kitty. Created by Todd Goldman

The episode begins with the Little Girl with the White Kitty , knowing that her mom bought the kitty, and she hopes that the Black Cat gets along with him, but he gets enraged. He puts him in a microwave and hits start, he says "Goodbye Kitty!" his head sweels and the collar saves him by blasting the door, decapitating the Black Cat. Next, he buries White Kitty and starts a lawn mower, but a lawn gnome falls down and it grinds Black Cat, and the dog pees and the Black Cat. Then, he kills the dog with a gun. The police hears about this and goes off looking for the suspect. He hides the gun with White Kitty while he is asleep, the police attacks him and sends him to dog court, the dogs explain that it was kitty who was the suspect, Kitty is now on a table and a needle in inserted in his arm, a Christan Cat was saying Kitty's final words before a police dog began to insert a deadly poison in the act. Black Cat steps on the tube, he laughs while the tube breaks and some of the poison was swallowed and killed him. He was on the newsprint while the Girl reads and thought Kitty and the Cat were cuddling to each other and Kitty winks and the episode ends.