Strung Up
Season 1, Episode 4
Air date October 5th, 2011
Written by Greg Grabianski
Directed by Mike Nassar & John Martinez
Animator(s) Mike Nassar
John Martinez
Will Cuna
Joanna Ramos
Clean-Up Arlyne Ramirez
Richard Smitheman
Voices Mike Nassar, Arlyne Ramirez & John Martinez
Editor Tony Christophersen
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Masquerade Massacre
Strung Up is the 4th episode of Goodbye Kitty.


The episode begins with all the 3 characters (White Kitty , Black Cat , and the Little Girl ) the Little Girl grabs a ball of yarn for White Kitty to play with, Black Cat asks nicely if he can have the yarn, but the girl walks off and Black Cat gets enraged, the screen twrils and the yarn is tied on White Kitty on a gas machine, Black Cat pours gasoline on him, lit a match, but was stopped by one of the gas station workers who saw the price, Black Cat had no money, the worker fills him with gas and kicks him, he then exploded by the match. Now we see both of them on a boat (S.S. Hairball) he puts Kitty near a shark and Kitty and the Shark become best of friends, Cat pulled him up, but went down the water and got eaten by the shark, hopping he learned a lesson. Now on a cliff and a car and both of the cats. He mad the Kitty drink a vodka, put him in a car and drove of, he crashed some barriers and went down. Black Cat went down the road to get the yarn, he did! But got killed when the car crashed on him, the Little Girl comes back ans says that Kitty shared his yarn, he hiccups and winks at the viewers as the episode ends.