White Kitty is the main protagonist of the series. He is constantly targeted by the Black Cat. He has survived in all episodes, excluding Kittycide, the season final.



 *Nearly Exploded by a Microwave

  • Nearly Decapitated and had his head sliced and diced by a Lawn Mower
  • After being framed for the death of the Brown Puppy, nearly had an lethal injection.
  • Nearly Cut Up by a Serial Killer's Axe
  • Injected by Heroin, which turned him into a Rock Star
  • Almost stabbed by voodoo doll
  • Almost shot into the grave he dug.
  • Nearly Electrocuted
  • Almost hanged
  • Almost mulitated by a lion
  • Almost exploded using gasoline and a match
  • Nearly eaten by sharks
  • Almost drove off a cliff drunk (due to Black Cat)
  • Almost Burned
  • Almost put to sleep
  • Nearly got shot by a Glock 17 and Colt M16A2


In Kittycide, he kills himself after Black Cat gives the Little Girl a bunny, whom she starts playing with, instead of White Kitty. He slices himself open with a katana due to this. However, he is later brought back to life by Black Cat, who realizes that he can't live without trying to kill White Kitty.